Editorial Board

Patricia M. Shields Texas State University, San Marcos, USA
Book Review Editor
Jeremy M. Teigen Ramapo College, USA
Board of Editors
Eyal Ben-Ari Kinneret College, Israel
Bernard Boene L'Ecole Superieure Militaire de Saint-Cyr, France
Risa Brooks Marquette University, USA
Paul Camacho University of Massachusetts, USA
Richard Chasdi Walsh College, Michigan, USA
Lindsay Cohn U.S. Naval War College, USA
Damon Coletta United States Air Force Academy, USA
Thomas Crosbie Royal Danish Defense College, Denmark
Christopher Dandeker King's College London, UK
Karl DeRouen, Jr. University of Alabama, USA
Thomas Doyle Texas State University, USA
Antulio Echerarria U.S. Army War College, USA
Morten Ender United States Military Academy, USA
Peter D. Feaver Duke University, USA
Reuven Gal Israeli Institute for Military Studies, Israel
James Golby U.S. Army
James Griffith U.S. Army National Guard, USA (ret.)
William Hauser U.S. Army (ret.), USA
Lindy Heinecken Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Anthony King University of Exeter, UK
Gerhard Kuemmel Bundeswehr Institute of Social Research, Germany
Terence Lee National University of Singapore, Singapore
Christian Leuprecht Royal Military College of Canada, Canada
Yagil Levy The Open University of Israel, Israel
Robert Mandel Lewis and Clark College, USA
Rene Moelker Netherlands Defence Academy, Netherlands
Brenda Moore State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
Boubacar N'Diaye College of Wooster
Emmanuel Ojo University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Ami Pedahzur University of Texas at Austin, USA
David Pion-Berlin University of California, Riverside, USA
Jonathan Powell University of Central Florida, USA
Jos C. N. Raadschelders The Ohio State University, USA
Sebastiaan Rietjens Netherlands Defense Academy, Netherlands
William Ruger Charles Koch Institute, USA
Rebecca L. Schiff U.S. Naval War College, USA
Anders Sookermany Norwegian Defence University College, Norway
Mary Steinhardt University of Texas at Austin, USA
Ori Swed Texas Tech University, USA
Hassan Tajalli Texas State University, USA
Donald Travis US Army - Retired
Pascal Vennesson Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Robert A. Vitas Lithuanian Research and Studies Center, USA
Travis Whetsell The Ohio State University, USA
John Allen Williams Loyola University, Chicago, USA
Editorial Assistant
Karrie Cook Texas State University, San Marcos, USA
Editors Emeritus
Morris Janowitz (1973-1983)
David R. Segal (1983-1989)
Claude Welch (1989-1993)
Jay Stanley (1992-1995)
James Burk (1995-1998)
Mark Eitelberg (1998-2001)