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Call for Proposals: Military Sociology Mini-Conference

Greetings IUS Fellows.

We are back. We are again organizing a mini-conference on Military Sociology for the Eastern Sociological Society's Annual Meeting. The 2022 meeting will be held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts, USA between March 10-13 (mini-conference dates TBD). This year's conference theme for the 2022 Eastern Sociological Society Meetings is “Strategic Sites and Ways for Sociology to Fight Inequality and Injustice”.

From the ESS conference:

“The emphasis on strategic sites, first, invokes Robert Merton’s prescription that sociological research should seek out strategic sites and contexts that show social processes, such as inequality or injustice, with particular clarity. Second, this emphasis invites sociologists to identify and engage with strategic sites in the world -- in their institutions and beyond -- where their research can help fight the increasing inequality and injustice we confront today. Third, the 2022 ESS meetings seek to promote public sociology and effective strategic intervention by sociologists and their organizational or practitioner partners. We live in times of increasing inequality and injustice, where our institutions and political system seem incapable of taking necessary steps to fight universal problems, like climate change, political polarization, or inequality, or to defend or expand the rights of targeted groups, including immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, labor organizations, racial or ethnic groups or others, or to address the demands of social movements such as MeToo or BLM. Sociological analysis can help understand and fight such problems. A key goal for ESS 2022 is to highlight and promote such public sociological work.”

We are seeking papers on military issues that reflect this theme, or more broadly, look at questions of peace and the military; the military and social justice; diversity, inclusion, and equity in the military; veterans' issues; health/mental health effects of war/service; war & conflict; military families; the military and COVID; etc. Theoretical and empirical papers are welcome.

We will again offer an ESS Mini-Conference Outstanding Student Paper Award to the person(s) presenting the best written paper. The manuscript should have been written while the submitters were either undergraduate(s) or graduate student(s). Past recipients have included Rita Phillips (Oxford Brookes University, 2019) and Steven Dashiell (University of Maryland Baltimore Campus, 2020). We did not offer an award for 2021 but are looking to make up for this off year.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Those wishing to present papers in this mini-conference should submit an abstract with names, affiliations, and contact information for all authors of no longer than 250 words by October 25, 2021 to our emails below. Proposals not accepted for the mini-conference may well get picked up by one of the other ESS formats set up for 2022.

If you have questions, please email Morten Ender or Ryan Kelty, the organizers at or We’re anticipating having our most highly engaging and impactful ESS in the decades we’ve been hosting the Military Sociology mini-conference. Please consider being part of this affair and joining us.

Call for Papers

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