Officers & Council

Board Of Directors

RAND Corporation

Ryan J. Burch

Deutsche Bank

Robert A. Vitas

Lithuanian Research Center

Brenda L. Moore

University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Patricia M. Shields


Texas State University

Council Members

Terms to Expire in 2024

Eric Ouellet

Canadian Forces College

Morten Ender

US Military Academy

Rebecca Schiff

University of Rhode Island/US Naval War College

Remi Hajjar

U.S. Military Academy

Lindsay P. Cohn

U.S. Naval War College

Pascal Vennesson

RSIS, Nanyang Technological University

Rene Moelker

Netherlands Defense Academy

Judith Rosenstein

US Naval Academy

Rosalie Arcala Hall

University of the Philippines Visayas

Terms to Expire in 2026

Peter D. Feaver

Duke University

Karin Modesto DeAngelis

US Air Force Academy

Yagil Levy

Open University of Israel

Robert L. Goldich

Congressional Research Service (retired)

Marek N. Posard

RAND Corporation

Suzanne C. Nielsen

US Military Academy

Alan C. Okros

Canadian Forces College

David Smith

Johns Hopkins University

Paul Viotti

University of Denver

Cynthia Watson

US National War College

Terms to Expire in 2028

Uzi Ben-Shalom

Ariel University

Terence Lee

National University of Singapore

Brenda L. Moore

University of Buffalo

David Rodall

Ohio University

Jessica Dawson

U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Carrie Lee

U.S. Army War College

Heidi Urben

Georgetown University