IUS - The Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society

The IUS has several regions which provide Fellows with an opportunity to share their work and experiences with colleagues closer to home. The IUS/Canada Region has been especially robust and their activities include hosting their own conference on even-numbered years.

IUS Chair and President Jay Williams has announced the reconstitution of the IUS/DC Region, headed by IUS veteran and former Congressional Research Service researcher Bob Goldich. The Washington DC Region is a natural venue for discourse on the issues the IUS focuses on, with an ample population of academics, officers, and journalists.

Paul Viotti heads the IUS/Rocky Mountain Region. For more information about IUS Regions, please select a link below.

IUS/DC Region

IUS/Canada Region

IUS/Rocky Mountain Region

The U.S. Air Force Academy cooperates with IUS for the purposes of exchanging ideas and speakers relevant to discussions on Armed Forces and Society.

Upcoming Events

28 Mar 2016 Gen Charles H. Jacoby Jr. (Ret) Commander USNORTHCOM NORTHCOM’s Role in Combatting Transnational Crime
31 Mar 2016 General John M. Loh (Ret) Commander, Air Combat Command Topic: Leading with Airpower: Lessons of Desert Storm Applied to ISIS

Past Events

Past speakers for the Military Profession Seminar included:

7 Feb 2011 Lt Col Kurt Buller Experience in Special Operation, Iraq and Afghanistan
7 Mar 2011 Brig. Gen Scott Bethel AF Intelligence Issues and recent developments in the ISR Community
10 Mar 2011 Capt Daniel Magruder The Special Tactics Officer: Training and Operations
31 Mar 2011 Maj Eric Larsen Building Partnership Capacity, Afghanistan
21 Apr 2011 Cadet Carmella Burruss Modeling Innovation in the Threat and Security Environment
18 May 2011 Dr. James Titus Professional Military Education: The Air War College Controversy
23 May 2011 Ms Elizabeth Quintana Ethical and Legal Implications of Automation
25 Aug 2011 Dr. Charles Dusch Joint Base Defense: Balad, Iraq. An Historian's Perspective.
21 Sep 2011 Dr. Jessica Lee AFRICOM
6 Oct 2011 Mr. Michael D. Phillips Challenges to Intelligence and Implications for U.S. National Security
28 Oct 2011 Dr. Kenly G. Fenio African Issues
18 Jan 2012 Mr. Thom Shanker and Mr. Eric Schmitt Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America's Secret Campaign Against Al Qaeda
30 Jan 2012 Col Timothy Kirk (USAFA '93) and Capt Felisa Dyrud (USAFA '06) ISAF's Anti-Corruption Task Force in Afghanistan
8 Feb 2012 Col (S) Mike Veneri Middle Eastern AF ISR operations
17 April 2012 Dr David Mindell The integration of technology in the future of the profession of arms
3 May 2012 Dr. Damon Coletta and Dr. Schuyler Foerster ""Strategies of Deterrence"" and ""The Civil-Military Problematique and New Military Missions""
3 Aug 2012 LGen(ret) Charles Bouchard RCAF Reflections on Experiences as Commander, CJTF Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR
19 Sept 2012 Col. Peter S. Ford The Character of Contemporary Innovation
30 Oct 2012 Maj. Andrew Clemmensen Reflections on Combat Experiences as an Explosive Ordinance Officer
30 Jan 2013 Lt. Col. Thomas Meer The Relationship between the CIA and the Military Services
4 Sept 2013 Maj John Zielinski (PhD, PAS) Teaching Strategic Studies
18 Sept 2013 Jessica Gribble The Ins and Outs of Academic Publishing
24 Sept 2013 Col Thomas Drohan and Dr Brent Talbot The Syrian Crisis
5 Nov 2013 Col James Cook and Col Thomas Drohan Ethical Implications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft
15 Jan 2014 Dr. Terry Pierce Disruptive Innovation in the Military
23 Jan 2014 Mr. Paul Bernstein , senior fellow at NDU Nuclear Proliferation Challenges
19 Feb 2014 Ambassador Christopher R. Hill America’s Greatest Foreign Policy Challenges
19 Sep 2014 Col Tom Drohan Wargaming Complex Problems
24 Sep 2014 Lt Gen (Ret) Dave Deptula A New Era for Command and Control of Aerospace Operations
1 Oct 2014 Mr. Robert Christensen, LeMay Doctrine Center, Air University US Air Force Doctrine 101
22 Oct 2014 Lt Gen Christopher D. Miller, Retired Planning Tomorrow’s Air Force
10 Nov 2014 Dr. Michael Mayer, Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies The Strategy of Missile Defense
20 Jan 2015 Dr. Kenneth H. Poole, Director of Special Operations Studies and Research, Joint Special Operations University Operation EAGLE CLAW: A Veteran’s Perspective
6 Feb 2015 Paul A. Bernstein, Senior Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction, National Defense University The North Korea Challenge
10 Feb 2015 Kerry M. Kartchner, Ph.D., Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications, Office of Strategic Communications and Outreach, Department of State The Promise and Perils of Socio-Cultural Analysis
7 Apr 2015 TSgt Christopher J. Gracey, 380th Space Control Squadron, Intelligence Division Deputy Flight Chief Adversary Tactics Analysis Flight RED FLAG 40th Anniversary: The Integration of Air, Space and Cyberspace
27 Apr 2015 Dr. Terri K. Wonder, Ph.D. Applied Social Science Research in Support of Military Operations
4 May 2015 Maj Gen Charles Dunlap Jr., USAF (Ret) Legal Aspects of RPA Warfare
10 Sep 2015 Mr. Bill Brundage, Senior DHS Advisor to USNORTHCOM Status and Future of the Department of Homeland Security and Its Partnership with the DoD
15 Sep 2015 Frank “Chip” von Heiland, Chief of Force Development and Training Division, 25th Air Force “MAGIC,” Mobile Apps and Games for Intelligent Courses
13 Nov 2015 Lt Col Dan Hoadley, Commander B2 Weapons School Global Strike Capabilities
17 Mar 2016 Cadet Norman Hitosis Force Positioning in South East Asia



Address any questions to Lt Col Kevin McCaskey.

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