IUS - The Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society
Board of Directors, Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society

Board of Directors

Chair & President

James Burk,
Texas A&M University

Executive Director & Treasurer

Robert A. Vitas,

Lithuanian Research & Studies Center


Laura Miller,

Immediate Past President

John Allen Williams,
Loyola University Chicago

The IUS Presidents (left to right), David R. Segal; Immediate Past President John Allen Williams; the late Sam Sarkesian; and the late Charles Moskos.

Council Members

Term to Expire in 2018

  • Eric Ouellet, Canadian Forces College
  • Morten Ender, US Military Academy
  • Rebecca Schiff, University of Rhode Island/US Naval War College
  • Mady W. Segal, University of Maryland College Park
  • Anna Simons, US Naval Postgraduate School
  • Don Snider, US Military Academy, West Point
  • Lindsay P. Cohn, University of Northern Iowa
  • Louis Hicks, St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • Rene Moelker, Netherlands Defense Academy
  • Pascal Vennesson, RSIS, Nanyang Technological University

Term to Expire in 2020

  • Peter D. Feaver, Duke University
  • Karin Modesto DeAngelis, US Air Force Academy
  • Thomas Drohan, US Air Force Academy
  • Robert L. Goldich, Congressional Research Service (retired)
  • James Griffith, US Army Reserve
  • Richard Hooker, National Defense University
  • Suzanne C. Nielsen, US Military Academy
  • Alan C. Okros, Canadian Forces College
  • Patricia M. Shields, Texas State University
  • David Smith, US Naval Academy
  • Paul Viotti, University of Denver
  • Cynthia Watson, US National War College

Term to Expire in 2022

  • Alexander A. Belkin, Council on Foreign and Defense Policy
  • Ali Dizboni, Royal Military College, Canada
  • Reuven Gal, National Security Council, Israel
  • Lindy Heinecken, South African Military Academy
  • Ryan Kelty, Washington College, Maryland
  • Terence Lee, National University of Singapore
  • Kobi Michael, Institute for National Security Studies, Israel
  • Brenda L. Moore, University of Buffalo
  • David Rohall, Missouri State University
  • Marybeth Peterson Ulrich, United States Army War College

ex officio Member

  • David R. Segal, University of Maryland College Park