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The Fellows of the IUS are selected on the basis of their professional qualifications. The criteria are advanced education in related fields, research publications, teaching, or other demonstrated professional accomplishments in the field of military studies.

IUS Fellowship dues are very reasonable. Regular new Fellowship rates for one, two, and three years are $70, $130, and $195 respectively. New Student Fellowship rates for one, two, and three years are $45, $80, and $120 respectively. The IUS also offers a Life Membership for only $1000. Life Fellows receive a 25% discount on conferences, books, and other IUS products.

Joining the IUS is an affirmative agreement to receive mass communications from the IUS. If you do not wish to receive e-mail communications from the IUS, please contact secretariat@iusafs.org.

To request a Fellowship in the IUS, please submit the following form. Please allow up to two (2) weeks for a response.


Terms and Conditions of Fellowship in the IUS

Once the IUS Secretariat receives your online Fellowship Request Form, you will be emailed confirmation along with instructions on how to make your initial dues payment. Your Fellowship will not be activated until the IUS Secretariat receives your initial dues payment. Annual dues payments are required to maintain your Fellowship in good standing. Failure to follow dues payment instructions will result in denial of your Fellowship request. Fellowship in the IUS is contingent upon a review of your qualifications by the IUS Secretariat.

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