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Call for Papers Special Issue of the Turkish Journal of Sociology on Military Sociology

Deadline for Article Submission March 31, 2015

The Turkish Journal of Sociology wishes to publish its first issue devoted to military sociology. First published in 1917, The Turkish Journal of Sociology is a publication of the Department of Sociology of the Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, the first and leading sociology department in Turkey. The Turkish Journal of Sociology is a peer-reviewed, biannually published journal (http://journals.istanbul.edu.tr/iusosyoloji).

Modern militaries have undergone considerable change in recent decades. This is a reflection of dramatic changes in society, including changes in inter- and intra-state politics, public opinion, civil-military relations, demographics, and both short-and long-term military engagements around the world. Within Turkey, issues surrounding the military have received considerable attention in the political science, military history, and military science arenas. However, amid the quickly changing contexts in which its military operates, in tandem with its importance domestically and internationally, Turkey remains an understudied country in the field of military sociology studies.

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Reforming Defense and Military Policy-Making in New Democracies: Obstacles, Call for Papers: Workshop on Opportunities and Outcomes

Ensuring effective civilian control over the institutions and processes of defense and military policy- making is a core step in the process of institutionalizing, deepening and consolidating democratic governance in newly democratized nations. While a certain degree of organizational autonomy and the provision of military expertise to civilian decision makers is functional, perhaps necessary, for the armed forces to fulfill their missions, the reform of defense policy-making procedures has been among the most problematic and protracted political endeavors in many nations of the so called “Third Wave of democratization”. Even countries that today are considered successful cases of democratic consolidation have struggled with—and are still struggling with—stalled, unsuccessful, incomplete or inconsistent attempts at reforming national defense and military policy. This not only has possibly serious consequences for the aspect of democratic control and accountability of policy- making in this crucial area of state activity. It also raises the question if and how these reforms for greater civilian authority and oversight (or their lack) affect the effectiveness of defense policy and the ability of new democracies to defend themselves against external threats.

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Camacho Advising for Peace in Somalia

Meeting at the conference, in Mogadishu, from left to right, Hassan Madadallah, Professor in the Nelson Mandela School at School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Southern University and A&M College; Paul R. Camacho, an IUS Fellow, William Joiner Institute for the Study of War and Social Consequences, University of Massachusetts, Boston (retired); and Abdi Dirshe, an IUS Fellow and Permanent Secretary, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Dr. Paul R. Camacho, a long-time IUS Fellow, was invited by the Federal Government of Somalia to participate in its Conference on Internal Security held in Mogadishu on 20-23 April 2014.


Camacho made a formal presentation on Security Sector Reform: Challenges and Opportunities. He emphasized the importance of taking a holistic rather than a purely military approach to overcome security problems.

In particular, he argued that achieving internal security requires a reconstruction of Somali's civil society that draws on leadership from all sectors of government. Others offered similar or related arguments.1

Yet the path to peace remains a rocky one. The UN has established a UN Guard Unit (UNGU) with troops provided by the Uganda People's Defense Forces to help create safe and secure conditions so that peace and state building programs might succeed. 2

1""7 Points Communiqué on Strengthening Somalia's National Security,"" Somalicurrent news,"" accessed May 19, 2014 online at http://www.somalicurrent.com/ 2014/04/24/7-points-communeque-on-strengthening-somalias-national-security/

2""Somalia: UN deploys new special force to protect staff in Mogadishu,"" UN News Centre, accessed May 19, 2014 at http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.as?NewsIS=47820#.U3pgdCj49uA

2013 Morris Janowitz Career Achievement Award Ceremony

The Morris Janowitz Career Achievement Award is awarded by the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society to a limited number of senior scholars whose careers most demonstrate excellence in the study of armed forces and society and important service to the discipline. The winners of the 2013 Award were Reuven Gal and John Allen ("Jay") Williams.

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The Morris Janowitz Career Achievement Award

The Morris Janowitz Career Achievement Award is awarded by the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society to a limited number of senior scholars whose careers most demonstrate excellence in the study of armed forces and society and important service to the discipline.

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